VACC: Returned Victoria government must address industry issues

The Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) wasted no time in reminding the re-elected Victoria government that it needs to address issues affecting members and consumers.

According to VACC, the government has shown goodwill towards key policy priorities outlined in the chamber’s election manifesto, Fully Charged, but says that “much work is still needed”.

“These are extremely important issues for the over 110,000 people working in the automotive industry within 19,000 businesses in Victoria,” said VACC CEO, Geoff Gwilym (pictured, above).

“We remind the government there are several policies that remain overlooked. These need to be addressed, and addressed immediately.”

VACC calls on the government to:

Create a comprehensive zero and low-emissions vehicle (ZLEV) strategy

Instigate a three-year apprentice wage subsidy program for employers

Introduce a three-year apprentice mentoring program to improve retention rates

Invest in sustainable waste recycling and renewable energy facilities

Raise Victoria’s payroll tax threshold to at least $1.2 million per annum

Implement an annual roadworthy requirement for vehicles aged eight years and over

Implement a written-off heavy vehicle register as a matter of priority

“There’s more to do, of course, but if the Victoria State Government gets these policies quickly into place it will shore up a $11 billion sector. That’s good for every Victorian,” said Gwilym.

“VACC will continue to work with all sides of government to create meaningful reform that recognises and promotes the merits and key needs of the automotive industry amongst policy-makers.”

According to VACC, with the emergence of ZLEVs and a long-standing skills shortage, industry and government must work together.

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Darren House

Darren House has been involved with motoring and motorsport media for more than four decades, working as a photographer, journalist, editor, public relations manager and marketing manager. He has produced material for numerous publications, including Auto Action, Chequered Flag, Motorsport News, Performance Street Car, Super Ford, Street Machine, Fast Fours & Rotaries, Hot Fours & Rotaries, Motorsport Legends and Truth Sport.

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