Projecta upgrades personal folding solar panels

Projecta is improving convenience for travellers, adventurers and outdoors people to enjoy power while on-the-go, with its upgraded Compac Series personal folding solar panels.

Available in two models, the PP10 (1.6A / 5V) and PP15 (3.0A / 5V), the kits include high quality monocrystalline folding solar panels and a three-in-one charging cable. Projecta said the monocrystalline cells are tough and temperature resistant, ensuring reliable charging on the hottest and sunniest days.

The PP10 is suited for direct charging of smartwatches, GoPros, phones and power banks, making it ideal for setting up at base camp and charging via the USB-A connector.

The PP15 offers the same core benefits as the PP10, but with additional solar panel (three versus two) and inbuilt 10,000mAh battery. It is tailored for devices that require additional power such as drones. The unit’s Lighting Micro USB-A and USB-C connector also provides up to 30 per cent faster charging, while allowing for simultaneous charging. Additionally, the PP15 can store the charge for use after dark.

Given the units will likely be carried to remote, hard to reach locations, they’re designed to be compact and lightweight (300 grams for the PP10 and 588 grams for the PP15). With inbuilt carabiners, they can be mounted in a variety of ways once on location, or attached to backpacks unfurled, to provide charge while walking.     

Projecta’s latest PP10 and PP15 COMPAC Series personal folding solar panels are available nationwide from leading four-wheel-drive, caravan, camping, marine and trade outlets for a recommended retail price of $99 and $189 respectively.

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