UK retail motor industry visits Australia’s VACC

Executives from the UK Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMI) visited VACC to gain insight into the opportunities and challenges facing the Australian automotive trade, allowing reflection on industry changes and the implications for both countries.

Geoff Gwilym, VACC CEO, took the contingent to Shepparton in regional Victoria to visit member businesses at the forefront of major changes in the industry. On the agenda were VACC member businesses, Bertoli Agricultural and Industrial, Shepparton BMW, Shepparton MINI Garage, and Shepparton Renault and ABM INEOS.

The party also visited IM Group, an organisation at the forefront of electric vehicle battery re-use and repair technology before heading to Bartlett Integrated Towing Solutions.

Also spending time in west Melbourne, RMI representatives were impressed by Savic Motorcycles’ electric motorcycle facility that showcases Australian ingenuity. North Melbourne VACC member, Prorepair, hosted a discussion on digital diagnostic technologies and Kevin Finn, RMI Chairman, talked about accessing the best possible repair information through digital tools.

RMI executives also joined more than 40 member participants at a VACC Industry Policy Council meeting, a forum for discussing the UK industry challenges and consideration of how global changes in car manufacture and sales will affect VACC and RMI members.

Additionally, the tour cemented existing relationships in Australia and gave the VACC Executive Board first-hand insight into the workings of the UK association, and their intention to deliver first-class, contemporary member service.

PHOTO: Geoff Gwilym, VACC CEO: Rob Collison, Independent Garage Association Chairman; Stuart James, Chief Executive Independent Garage Association; Chris Hummer, VACC President; Kevin Finn, RMI President and UK Institute of the Motor Industry Chairman.

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