CoolDrive Auto Parts expands brake offering

Cooldrive’s brakes programme has been steadily building over the past 18 months, with a wide selection of product lines now on offer. The lines are detailed in the latest Brakes Program Guide, a 20-page brochure outlining product highlights from renowned aftermarket suppliers such as Brembo, Bosch, Fremax, Bremtec, Akebono, HULK 4×4, Stolz and more.

“Although we have only been in the brake business for 18 months, we are proud to showcase what has quickly grown to become a solid range of products available now from CoolDrive,” said John Blanchard, CoolDrive Auto Parts CEO.

“Our aim is to build a market leading brake programme, using global brands covering the full range of street, performance and track products, all under the one roof.

“We continue to recruit and grow our team of brake specialists to provide expert advice and technical support, including industry leading training and accreditation.”

The Brembo brand has joined the Cooldrive programme, bringing with it a reputation founded on unique working relationships with more than 30 global automotive manufacturers. With the brand covering 96 per cent of the Australian car parc, CoolDrive aims to become one of the premier Brembo distributors in Australia.

The High Performance Kits are at the top of the Brembo range and have been specifically developed for track day enthusiasts. Covering the wider road car range, Brembo disc brakes are the result of years of research and development, as well as laboratory and road testing.  

Cooldrive says the OE-quality parts feature a special UV coating which guarantees superior corrosion resistance, while a patented venting system design, improves resistance to thermal cracks of the disc by more than 40 per cent, and a high carbon content in the cast iron minimises vibrations and noise, while maximising performance and driving comfort.

According to Cooldrive, Brembo pads are the perfect match to the disc brake range. The pads are available in Low-Metallic, NAO and Xtra ranges. Brembo matches the ideal friction material to each application, while offering high performance and minimal noise.

CoolDrive also has Bosch’s latest offering, headlined by the Blue Line range of brake pads. The company says these are perfect for Australian, Asian, and European vehicles. The OE-quality parts are available in an assortment of friction materials, including ceramic, copper-free ceramic, and low metallic. According to Cooldrive, the product line delivers smooth, quiet stopping power and lower rotor wear.

Fremax’s range of brake discs and drums are a recent addition to the CoolDrive brake catalogue. These parts have earned a solid reputation over the past 30 years of production, with the company manufacturing more than 5,000,000 pieces, for more than 1,800 applications, annually.

Cooldrive says Fremax components offer an ideal combination of quality, innovation, and safety. All Fremax brake disc rotors are High-Carbon and have a patented groove on the surface face of the rotor for faster bedding in. They also offer a special protective oil that does not contaminate brake pads and eliminates wash-off before assembly, making them easier, faster, and safer to install.

Another highlight of the CoolDrive Brakes Guide is the extensive Bremtec Brakes range, totalling 3,400 part numbers covering 21.5 million cars, from all corners of the motoring spectrum.

Offering cleaner, quieter and safer braking, all Bremtec’s TRADE-LINE brake pads now feature an advanced ceramic formulation for a wide range of everyday passenger cars from around the world, complimented by accompanying rotors.

Cooldrive says Bremtec EURO-LINE Ceramic+ brake pads, and Geozinc rotors are constructed with the highest quality materials, while the Bremtec PRO-LINE heavy duty brake pads offer a premium upgrade for heavy duty applications.

The ENDURE-LINE 4WD+ brake pads are engineered for consistent brake pedal feel, even with heavy loads, and for extreme driving off road conditions. Rounding out the Bremtec range is the PERFORMANCE+ range of pads, offering outstanding continued performance in sustained use.

The number one choice for OEMs in Japan and North America, Akebono, features prominently in the CoolDrive brake offering.

Providing up to 50 per cent longer lasting wear, CoolDrive says Akebono pads virtually eliminate dust and provide a smooth and quiet ride.

The four-wheel drive market is also catered for with CoolDrive’s own HULK 4X4 range, which offers a big performance boost through forged six piston calipers, as well as 356mm slotted and dimpled rotors.

CoolDrive says the popular HULK 4X4 rear drum brake to disc conversions, a fully ADR approved kit, improve stopping distances by up to 34 per cent.

Wrapping up the main product lines is the Stolz SFZ Series premium performance braking systems. These come with four or six piston caliper configurations, a direct bolt-on solution featuring aluminium light weight calipers, two-piece floating disc rotors, bracket and ceramic performance brake pads and are suitable for a host of applications.

Completing the offering for workshops is a range of quality consumables, including brake fluids, cleaners, and lubes.

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