Nissan Z’s sunrise surprise for Australian car club

The new Nissan Z was the surprise guest of honour at a recent Z car club event, with the Proto flagship variant greeting a historic Z procession at sunrise.

The next chapter in the proud Z story was unveiled to the Z Car Club of New South Wales during the group’s annual President’s Run, with the new Z waiting for the group as they climbed to the Beaufoy Merlin lookout, just outside the historic mining town of Hill End in NSW.

The Proto led a procession of stunning vehicles that spanned more than 50 years, and featured almost every Z model, in search of some of the finest driving roads in Australia.

“It was an amazing experience, and it was so exciting for our members, who are so passionate about their vehicles and the history of the Z, to see where this iconic model is going next,” said Z Car Club of NSW president, John Wakeling.

“What’s so special about this car is that it blends elements of every historic Z model but is still very much unique and modern. So, for our members to be able to identify design elements from their own cars was amazing.

“Not only was it a surprise for our members, but I think Nissan might have secured a few extra customers after seeing the new Z in the metal.”

The surprise unveiling formed an important part of Nissan’s pre-launch plan for the all-new Z, which has already seen a family reunion that featured seven iconic Z models organised in Sydney, as we countdown to the official launch of the new pinnacle of Nissan performance.

“We know just how passionate the fans of this model are, whether they’re driving the first Datsun 240Z or the Nissan 370Z NISMO, so we were thrilled they could be among the first people in Australia to experience the all-new Z in person,” said Nissan Australia managing director, Adam Paterson.

“With each new Z comes a new generation of dedicated Z-car devotees, and we look forward to introducing the all-new Z to performance car fans across Australia soon.

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