Dymag shows carbon-hybrid wheels at SEMA 2023

Dymag carbon-hybrid wheel technology was showcased across SEMA 2023, featuring prominently on supercars from an array of high-performance vehicle aftermarket developers, specialists and suppliers.

Featuring a lightweight carbon barrel paired with an aluminium or magnesium centre piece, Dymag’s unique hybrid design offers substantial benefits over traditional cast alloy wheels and solid carbon wheels.

Lighter, stronger and stiffer than a traditional forged aluminium wheel, Dymag’s carbon-hybrid wheel offers enhanced dynamic handling. With a reduced gyroscopic force thanks in part to the lightness of the wheelset, a high-performance car with Dymag wheels requires far less steering effort and input. Dymag wheels also realise reduced unsprung mass and moment of inertia, with far less energy required to accelerate and brake.

As many visitors to SEMA 2023 pointed out, Dymag’s visually captivating carbon-hybrid wheels also bring aesthetic advantages, with a forged aluminium or magnesium centrepiece offering greater design flexibility than a solid carbon fibre wheel.

All Dymag’s carbon hybrid wheels are manufactured at its state-of-the-art Wiltshire production facility in the UK.

“To see so many incredible high-performance supercars take centre stage at this year’s SEMA Show featuring Dymag’s industry-leading carbon hybrid wheels further underscores our unparalleled expertise, approach and leadership in this area,” said Dymag CEO, Tom de Lange. “The many benefits of Dymag’s carbon hybrid advancements can be felt right across the varied automotive application spectrum, from internal combustion engine cars through to full electric models. And this is especially true of the high-performance automotive sector, where sophisticated machines focused on power, dynamics and control need every facet – every component and subsystem – to be perfectly aligned, enabling the car to deliver its true potential, be that during a scintillatingly rapid drive on-track or an engaging and emotive experience on the road.”

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