Projecta adds to power management range

Projecta has announced the addition of Model PM435-BT to its award-winning INTELLI-RV range of power management systems designed for caravans, RVs and campers.

Developed in response to popular demand from manufacturers, the new model offers the functionality of Projecta’s flagship PM400 system, without the central and bedroom light switch panels included, allowing builders and installers to utilise their own switch hardware instead. Projecta says this presents a cost saving over the PM400 for customers who do not need the switches included in their INTELLI-RV kit.

Like the PM400 system, PM435-BT includes 11 fused outputs featuring WAGO terminals, a full MPPT 30A solar controller, 30A (12V) 5 stage charging, 100A DC VSR and 35A power supply.

The Projecta PM435-BT retains the Bluetooth compatible LCD screen of the PM400, which offers information on battery/solar charging (Volts, AMPs, SOC, time remaining), up to four water tank level inputs with pump control, a load switch, and night/silent mode for quiet operation.

Using Bluetooth and the INTELLI-RV smart phone app, users can also monitor this information, rename outputs, and turn them on and off (stereo, water pump, USB sockets, lights etc.) from the convenience of their phone. The app includes a light dimming mode* for setting ideal mood lighting.

Projecta has also announced that all INTELLI-RV Bluetooth models, including those already in service, now offer firmware updating via the smart phone app. Models that currently offer this include the PM300-BT, PM435-BT and PM400. This innovative new feature ensures your INTELLI-RV system is compatible with the latest upgrades and smart phone app updates.

Since its launch in early 2019, Projecta’s INTELLI-RV range has seen several additions, including new models and accessories which marketing manager Jake Smith attributes to Projecta’s ongoing consultation with Caravan and RV manufacturers. “Builders and installers face the challenge of squeezing more and more technology and appliances into their vehicles, in a market where consumers expect a lot from their significant investment. It’s important that our range evolves and continues to help our customers rise to the challenge, saving installation time and offering consumers the most innovative and comprehensive power management solution,” said Smith.

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