Rhino-Rack launches LandCruiser 300 range

Rhino-Rack is one of the first companies to launch a range of gear compatible with the new LandCruiser 300, creating a LandCruiser product range for the iconic ’79 right up to the 300. The extensive range includes Rhino-Rack’s Pioneer Platform, Backbone Mounting System, Vortex Legs and Two Bar Roof Rack, along with a plethora of compatible accessories. After months of data collection, research and development, Rhino-Rack created one of the most modular and versatile rooftop solutions available in the market.

The LandCruiser setup starts with the installation of the versatile and award-winning Pioneer Platform. Once installed, drivers can choose to pair the platform with a Backbone Mounting System or Vortex SX Legs.

Rhino-Rack said the Pioneer Platform with Rhino-Rack Backbone (JC-01496) creates the ultimate overlanding experience. The solution has been specifically designed to complement and follow the contours of Landcruiser 300’s roof.

Combining the Pioneer Platform with SX Vortex Legs is another versatile setup option for light off-road use. The roof rack system comes in two sizes – (1528mm X 1376mm) and (1928mm x 1376mm) – and is quick and easy to install and remove. If drivers are looking for a cross bar solution, the Vortex SX Black 2 Bar Roof Rack is also available for LandCruiser 300.

The stylish duo – which offers a seamless integration – is compatible with LandCruiser 300 GX, GXL, VX, Sahara, Sahara ZX and GR Sport.

“Rhino-Rack has been providing Toyota genuine roof rack products for over 20 years, including three generations of Toyota LandCruisers,” said Stephen Stonehouse, Product Management Lead for Rhino-Rack. “We are extremely proud of this long-standing and collaborative relationship, so much so we develop the roof rack system in conjunction with Toyota as they are developing the roof, so the racks are perfectly integrated into the vehicle.”

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