Projecta launches new Pro-Wave Sine Wave Inverter range

A new range of Pro-Wave Sine Wave Inverters is now available from Projecta, giving caravan and RV owners, four-wheel drivers and tradies, options to harness clean and reliable power on the go.

Designed and engineered in Australia for local conditions, the range makes it easier and more convenient to power a range of appliances and tools when away from mains electricity, and with a choice of six models on offer including a 24V option, there’s a Pro-Wave inverter to match just about every need.

Model dependent, the range is a perfect power source for kitchen appliances, audio visual and IT equipment, power tools and even large power drawing devices such as air conditioners. Models featuring larger wattages than standard models on the market – 1100W, 1600W, 2100W and 2700W – allows the new line-up to power an extended range of appliances.

A feature of the new range is a 200 per cent startup power function that delivers a short, one second output boost, giving the required ‘kick’ to appliances that draw more power on startup. The units’ ultra clean power also replicates household mains, ensuring smooth and reliable performance.

For added functionality, all models are equipped with 2.1A USB-A and 21W USB-C ports, enabling owners to charge most mobile and portable devices. Projecta said the units’ output sockets – single socket in the PW500 model and double in all other variants – are approved to AS4763 standards, fully electrically isolated and equipotential bonding also to S4763, ensuring compliance and safe operation. Additionally, all variants feature automatic temperature-controlled fans, thermal shutdown function (at 65°C ±5) and are EMC approved, and for ease of installation, all cables are included.

Operating and monitoring the performance of the range is also easy – each model features a stylish LCD remote that provides key information on battery voltage, power usage and faults, while allowing users to switch the inverter on and off remotely. The units also have a unique, futuristic design featuring smooth lines and an inbuilt LCD display.

The new Pro-Wave Sine Wave Inverter range is backed by a three-year warranty and is available from leading auto, camping, transport and trade outlets Australia-wide.

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