Pirelli launches Powergy, celebrates 150th anniversary

Pirelli has launched Powergy, a new range of summer tyres for CUV, SUV and medium-large sedans. Powergy tyres are available in a range of sizes for rims between 15 to 21 inches, covering most of the cars and SUVs driven in Australia.

Pirelli said Powergy guarantees excellent wet grip performance, allowing motorists to drive in comfort even in bad weather. Particular attention has been paid to the environment and sustainability, thanks to low rolling resistance that reduces fuel consumption and emissions, and the minimum value for noise emissions.

According to Pirelli, Powergy used the most advanced virtual reality systems to attain its performance goals. These new processes allowed the tread pattern and tyre profile to be optimised, maximising the contact patch. The contact patch is perfectly balanced, with uniform pressure to reduce braking distances and enhance the car’s controllability and driving precision. These aspects are matched to compounds with specific polymers, improving wet braking and tyre life. The tread pattern design, characterised by longitudinal grooves intersected by oblique channels, permits excellent dispersal of water to help prevent aquaplaning and increase safety in the wet.

These results were achieved using data analysis from the static simulator at Pirelli’s research and development department in Milan, as well as final track tests to validate the new tyre. Fewer physical prototypes were used, resulting in greater environmental benefit. As a result, development time was considerably shortened to just 18 months, despite the difficulties created by COVID-19 restrictions.

“It’s been a particularly trying time in Australia of late with the effects of the pandemic and La Niña particularly affecting the east coast,” a Pirelli spokesperson said. “With more cars on our roads than ever before, and conditions on those roads being less than optimal with the amount of rain we have had, it’s never been more important to ensure that your car is fitted with the best tyres possible. The new Powergy range is safer, more fuel efficient and provides your car with significantly better handling, making it the ideal tyre to upgrade to.”

The new product range comes as Pirelli celebrates its 150th anniversary, with various events taking place throughout 2022. Pirelli will host countdowns across four cities in the world, along with projects and events that will continue into 2022, including sports sponsorships – beginning with Formula 1 – institutional appointments, cultural events and new product launches. The company will hold events in Sydney at the Museum of Contemporary Art on March 11, and Melbourne, at the Pirelli flagship store, on March 18.

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