Michelin backs junior development programs

Michelin has renewed its support of Ricciardo’s Racers and the Australian FIA Girls on Track program. The company as also added a new initiative, the Michelin Mentor’ program, which will partner Girls On Track ambassadors and champions with participants to provide support, guidance and advice to young girls on their motorsport journey.

Michelin will provide race suits and support for at each Girls On Track event and tyres for vehicles used by Ricciardo’s Racers participants.

Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca thanked Michelin for its ongoing support.

“The FIA Girls on Track and Ricciardo’s Racers programs are going from strength-to-strength, and thanks to the continued support from Michelin, we can work on expanding this program’s reach across Australia,” Arocca said.

“The ability for us to offer a special mentor program as part of the FIA Girls on Track program is a terrific addition to what is a very popular and important development tool.

“We’re also grateful for Michelin’s support of Ricciardo’s Racers, as we give 12 to 17-year-olds their first motorsport experience, along with some valuable driving advice. It will also be reassuring to know those provided vehicles and the program participants will be hitting the track with Michelin tyres, which are certainly a leading product in the market.”

Michelin Australia PR & Brand Partnerships Manager, Ebony Doherty, said the company is pleased to help the next generation become involved in motorsport.

“Michelin Australia [is] proud to be supporting the FIA Girls on Track and Ricciardo’s Racers in 2022, both of which inspire our younger generation to think outside the box when it comes to motorsport and the automotive industry, showcasing the diverse range of on-track and off-track roles our community has to offer,” Doherty said.

“For the FIA Girls on Track program, the Michelin Mentor initiative is a fantastic platform for young girls looking to learn from women in the industry who are setting such a high bar. Not only encouraging them to get involved, but importantly, helping to build trust and confidence in themselves that they can do anything.

“We’re excited about what lies ahead for both of these programs and thank Motorsport Australia for the opportunity to be a proud partner of these popular events.”

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