MOKE order books open

MOKE International has announced that new MOKEs will be ready to order in time for European Summer delivery after showrooms opened in April.

According to Moke International, the new MOKE remain true to the look and feel of the original, with a focus on maintaining the sense of fun and freedom that has endeared the car to so many for more than five decades. Updates include a new 4-cylinder, fuel injection engine; uprated suspension, braking; and the option of an automatic transmission or manual gearbox for the more engaged driver.

The vehicle is also slightly larger to provide more cabin space. Features previously viewed as a luxury like power steering and heated windscreen now come as standard.

Indicative pricing starts at £23,950 including VAT.


Engine: 4 cylinder, 1083cc

Fuel Economy: 34 mpg

Emissions standard: Euro 4

Top Speed: 68mph

Power:  67hp (50Kw) @ 6000 rpm

Torque: 93Nm @ 3500–4500 rpm

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