EV Mojo launches online EV showroom

EV Mojo has launched what it says is Australia’s first online showroom for electric vehicles (EV). Founder of EV Mojo, Daniel Calo, said the service provides Australians with clear access to all the accurate information they need about EVs, to help them decide on a model that best suits their needs.

“The range of new electric cars available in Australia is on the rise, but I felt like it lacked a place where someone could go and see all the available models, presented in an unbiased format that provided specifications relevant to electric cars only,” said Calo.

“Initially this would have been as simple as going to either Nissan or Tesla’s website, however, the competition is now heating up and we see an increasing offer of BEVs (battery electric vehicles) on the market. Some of these even out-perform Tesla in certain areas and this competition will benefit customers in the longer term.”

EV Mojo says the information provided by manufacturers or car marketplaces are often incorrect or misleading. They can feature erroneous car technical descriptions, presenting the US or European market specifications rather than being Australia specific, misleading consumers.

According to EV Mojo, car review websites tend to favour internal combustion vehicles so they do not objectively review and present EVs fairly or can overrate them, which can make EVs with poor specifications look favourable, while manufacturers often tend to overrate their battery range.

EV Mojo says it includes features such as:

  • an up-to-date list of battery-electric cars available in Australia, laid out in an easy and understandable format.
  • the real-world driving range for each car, based on consumer and expert sources as well as providing the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • each electric vehicle is reviewed without bias and scored based on objective criteria including driving range, efficiency, performance, and value for money.
  • information about upcoming vehicles set to land in the market in the future months.
  • a glossary of EV terms.
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