Precision Automotive Equipment transforms Sunbury Ford

One of Australia’s leading complete turn-key suppliers and installers of automotive workshop equipment, Precision Automotive Equipment (PAE), has completed a detailed workshop upgrade for a major Victorian Ford dealer, Sunbury Ford.

The process commenced when Sunbury Ford Dealer Principal, Nick Dempsey, approached PAE to improve the customer service experience.

PAE identified that the Sunbury Ford workshop service lane could be revolutionised with the addition of Hunter Engineering’s newly developed Quick Check Drive Inspection System.

According to PAE, the system instantly provides automatic vehicle alignment results instantly. As the vehicle drives through it, Quick Check Drive provides touchless total toe and individual camber readings, while Quick Tread Edge measures tread depth and tyre edge wear. Each component analyses live data and instantly displays results with no stopping, no labour and no data entry required.

The unit uses licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras to identify the vehicle and present readings to customers on an easy to understand ‘flight board’ displayed in the workshop. The Quick Check Drive system also includes body damage cameras that photograph the vehicle as it drives through the lane to ensure proof of vehicle condition is also on file.

The autonomous inspection lane means vehicle inspections are completed in under 10 seconds, with no interaction from a technician or advisor.

In line with the significant increases in wheel alignment business generated from the Hunter Engineering Quick Check Drive system, PAE also supplied and installed a Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment System. The system is linked to HunterNet – an online portal provided by Hunter Engineering that collates data from all Hunter units within a workshop.

The system allows service managers to set performance targets, inspect ROI and identify workshop service trends and allows individual workshops to conduct their own, real time business research.

PAE also designed and completed a number of upgrades at Sunbury Ford, including:

  • A full workshop lubrication system fit out
  • The ergonomic relocation of existing workshop equipment
  • The Installation of new rotary two post hoists throughout the workshop

According to PAE General Manager, Peter Hewitt, the Sunbury Ford workshop modernisation is a prime example of the direction automotive workshops need to head in to secure a strong and profitable future.

“The vastly improved initial customer experience all the way through to increased mechanical accuracy and overall business efficiency that this state-of-the-art equipment provides, ensures that Sunbury Ford, along with its customers, benefitting from the most modern technology available,” said Hewitt.

 Hunter Engineering Quick Check Drive Features:

  • Four High-definition cameras for automatic body image capture
  • 8 Cameras and 32 laser sensors to accurately inspect camber and total toe
  • 16 Measurements taken to increase accuracy together with repeatable results
  • Scan a new vehicle every three to five seconds thanks to QCDs intelligent and fast capability
  • Comprehensive HunterNet reporting software
  • Customer friendly FlightBoard display integration

Hunter Engineering Quick Tread Edge Features:

  • Automatically measures tread depth of each tyre from edge-to-edge in seconds
  • Increases accuracy by eliminating guesswork and manual inspection
  • Captures accurate tread information on all vehicle traffic
  • Flush-mounted configuration integrates seamlessly with Quick Check Drive
  • Standalone above ground option also available
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