Burson offers improved 4WD brake discs

Burson Auto Parts now offers the ever-growing 4WD repair sector of the aftermarket a much wider choice of performance brake rotors with the Bendix Ultimate 4WD Sports and Performance disc brake rotor range.

An often-overlooked part of 4WD vehicle modification, brake system upgrades are an important consideration to help keep customers’ vehicles as safe as possible, particularly those regularly towing a heavy caravan, boat or trailer.

The addition of 4WD bar work, recovery gear and other accessories can quickly add hundreds of kilograms to a 4WD vehicle’s weight, closely reaching a vehicle’s maximum gross vehicle mass (GVM) once the driver and passengers are included. Extra weight on any vehicle directly translates to longer emergency stopping distances.

Fitting larger tyres also adds to 4WD vehicle braking system demands. As a general rule, if the tyre radius is increased by 10 per cent, the amount of extra braking force needed to safely bring the vehicle to a halt will also be approximately 10 per cent. The fitment of larger 4WD tyres increases the level of rotating mass inertia, which also places more demand on braking systems.

Burson said the range of Bendix Ultimate 4WD Sports and Performance disc brake rotors, along with the perfectly suited Bendix Ultimate 4WD disc brake pad range, provides significantly increased 4WD braking capacity through a number of design enhancements.

4WD specific metallurgy increases rotor strength at elevated temperatures while also providing high wear resistance. Bendix 4WD specific metallurgy increases overall rotor durability and reduces the chance of warping under extreme operating temperatures, ensuring performance is not compromised.

High efficiency cooling pillars have been designed to channel cool air into the rotor, expelling hot air faster, increasing rotor resistance to thermal cracks and minimising the chance of rotor distortion. These design additions also reduce brake fade and deliver improved braking feel, together with shorter stopping distances.

Additional braking performance is achieved through Bendix exclusive Diamond Tip Slot technology.

This feature uses specially designed slots and V-shaped dimples on the brake rotor surface to expel gasses, dirt and water more efficiently. The system also keeps the brakes primed for the next corner or descent. By using dimples at a precise depth rather than holes, greater braking power is achieved while retaining the strength of a solid rotor.

Along with providing extra braking performance and durability compared to standard 4WD disc brake rotors, the new Bendix 4WD disc brake rotor range maintains OEM levels of refinement, offering quiet operation and noise suppression, with all products manufactured using SAE J431 material standards.

To assist automotive technicians, Bendix Ultimate 4WD Sports and Performance disc brake rotors also feature Bendix’s SwiftFit surface protection, which allows rotors to be fitted immediately once removed from the packaging without the need to clean the anti-rust oil coating as found on the surface of other rotors in the market. SwiftFit surface protection also prevents corrosion of the rotor, resulting in a longer shelf life and fault free service, and a rust-free rotor hat – which is often visible behind open alloy wheels – to maintain aesthetics.

The Bendix Ultimate 4WD Sports and Performance disc brake rotor range is available from all Burson Auto Parts stores nationwide, offering 63 part numbers to suit more than 87 per cent of 4WDs on Australian roads. These include 4WD models from Chevrolet, Ford, Holden, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jeep, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, RAM, Toyota and VW.

For more information phone your local Burson store on 1300 287 766.

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