Adjustable coil-over suspension kit for Tesla

KW automotive will release an adjustable Variant 3 coil-over suspension kit for Tesla Y all-wheel-drive models in December 2022, adding to its range for Model S and Model 3. The launch of a Variant 3 for all Tesla Model Y with rear-wheel-drive is expected in the northern spring of 2022.

KW says the kit provides better handling for the tall vehicle, which weighs up to two tons. Made of stainless steel, the kit allows stepless adjustment on both axles of between 25 and 50mm.

“Our suspension developments for electric vehicles, such as the Tesla Model 3 and VW e-up, as well as the plug-in hybrid VW Golf 7 GTE, are among our most highly demanded vehicle applications,” said KW Brand Manager, Jonas Ehrmann. “In this context, we were surprised by the high demand for coil-overs. Since we also offer a suspension for the Model 3, we are approaching a completely new customer group that previously never considered buying a coil-over suspension or modifying anything at all on a car.”

KW says the shocks feature two-stage, multi-valve damper technology that allows the damping forces to be tuned.

“With KW Variant 3, we use low-speed and high-speed valves for the compression and rebound forces,” said Ehrmann. “Whereas steering and braking on solid, flat-level road surfaces result in slow piston rod speeds, high damper speeds occur on poorly maintained bumpy tarmac even when driving straight ahead. The adjustable low-speed rebound stage influences the rebound during load changes in the compressed state. It’s to adjust the handling characteristics to be stiffer or more comfortable.

“The low-speed compression stage further influences the steering and pitching behaviour of the heavy electric SUV when braking and accelerating. To a certain extent, the compression valve affects the ride comfort.

Ehrmann said the preloaded high-speed compression and rebound valves in the Variant 3, which are pre-tuned to the Model Y in the damper assembly, become active when the road surface is felt as a disturbing factor in the wheel’s vertical acceleration in the form of transverse joints, edges or bumps.

“The preloaded valves open, the wheel can compress, and so the Model Y does not lose contact with the road when it encounters bumps.” As a result, the Tesla electric SUV drives significantly sportier with the KW Variant 3 coil-over suspension kit without scarifying the residual ride comfort for the better handling.

According to Ehrmann, the suspension setup is as firm as necessary and as sporty-comfortable as possible in everyday driving.

“The German electromobility specialist Nextmove from Leipzig proved that installing a KW Variant 3 in a Tesla Model 3 with rear-wheel drive, that the range increases up to seven percent in conjunction with the standard wheel-tyre combination,” added Ehrmann.

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