Subaru BRZ to spark online interest

Subaru Australia is teasing its second generation BRZ sports coupe with the launch of an online ‘Register Your Interest’ section on

At this stage, Subaru estimates the first new BRZ arrivals will occur during quarter four this year.

“We’ve been staggered by the amount of interest in new BRZ,” said Subaru General Manager, Blair Read.

“The level of dealer enquiry and calls to our own customer service centre indicates massive interest among sports car fans and we look forward to sharing more details closer to launch.

“We only have around 50 of the current generation BRZ left, and it’s likely there will be a gap in supply until the new model launches. So, it’s timely to alert customers that the new model is coming, and to register their interest if they’re keen to be among the first in line when deliveries begin.”

Specifications and pricing for Australia’s second generation BRZ are yet to be confirmed, but at last November’s global unveil, Subaru confirmed it will have engine capacity increased to 2.4 litres, delivering almost 18 per cent more torque than the superseded manual model and more than 20 per cent more torque than the outgoing automatic.

Models equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission gain a revised Sport mode. Automatic transmission models feature Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology – a new feature in BRZ.

Subaru said BRZ’s new body delivers approximately 60 per cent greater front lateral bending rigidity and approximately 50 per cent more torsional stiffness. The stiffer body contributes to improved steering response, more nimble handling, and better stability.

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