Projecta’s 2023 catalogue highlights innovation

Projecta has released its new catalogue highlighting an expanded power management range, new product innovations, and progression into several completely new product categories in a 124-page publication that is 70 per cent larger than its predecessor.

The release also features layout changes that allow prospective buyers to find the products and associated information they require more easily. The addition of seven application/sector guides logically groups equipment while new educational sections inform readers as to how products are best installed and set-up to work together.

One hundred and eighty three new products are featured in the catalogue and four new product categories: lithium batteries, 240V switches and power points, personal power and towing safety, highlight Projecta’s focus on growth and provide customers with solutions to charge, harness and convert power across a broad range of applications.

Other product categories catered to include battery chargers, solar panels and controllers, jump starters, inverters, dual battery systems and accessories, power management, booster cables, battery terminals and accessories, and battery maintenance/testing equipment.

An expanded family of Projecta ‘Intelli’ products, which feature the latest technical advancements that make this equipment easier, more reliable and more efficient to use, feature prominently in the catalogue. The line-up includes:

Intelli-Start lithium jump starters that recharge themselves for unlimited jump starting (IS920, IS1220, IS1400, IS2000, IS3000 and IS5000)

Intelli-Charge IDC25X; an evolution of the IDC25 DC-DC/solar charger with more functionality and better charging in extreme conditions

Intelli-IQ smart relays and touch screen displays

Upgraded Intelli-Charge range of battery chargers now compatible with lithium

Pre-built power boards that combine multiple Projecta products, with Narva switches and sockets for simplified all-in-one power management ideal for 4x4s, canopies and caravans

Intelli RV systems for comprehensive power management in RVs and caravans

Intelli-Grid systems for off-grid power management and meeting high power demands in 4×4, RV and caravan applications

A noteworthy entry is Projecta’s recently introduced range of lithium batteries, the 100Ah rated models that feature true 100A and 150A high discharge rates, ensuring consistent and adequate power for inverters and 240V appliances. The lithium battery offerings continue under Projecta’s premium Intelli-Grid range, where 100Ah, 200Ah and 400Ah options with higher discharge rates are available for parallel/series joining. These can be used standalone or incorporated as part of an Intelli-Grid system to make the most of their built-in communication capabilities.

Projecta’s catalogue is a handy guide for anybody working in the automotive aftermarket and transport industries – technicians, roadside assistance personnel, bodybuilders and even for people involved in mining and industrial applications. It is also suitable for DIY enthusiasts looking to upgrade equipment for personal use.

To obtain a copy of the catalogue, contact your local Projecta distributor or view online at

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