New semi-flexible solar panels from Projecta

Projecta has unveiled a functional new range of semi-flexible solar panels, offering increased versatility for a range of outdoor adventure activities where it’s crucial to travel lightly and compactly.

The panels are available in two models, a 12V 100W (SPF100-MC4) unit that services small and medium appliances, or a larger 12V 180W variant (SPF180-MC4) that charges battery banks servicing multiple or large appliances.

Both models feature high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells that more effectively convert sunlight to power, allowing the panels to remain compact (1035mm x 520mm x3mm and 1520mm x 680mm x 3mm) while providing strong output.

Another key benefit of the panels is their 400mm maximum bending radius, which makes them suitable for mounting to a greater range of surfaces, for added versatility whether fitting to the caravan, boat, motorhome, four-wheel drive, or other vehicle.

For users requiring a more permanent installation, the panels come with a durable rubber adhesive backing, allowing owners to mount them firmly and securely. When installed correctly, the panels should stay in place for over 20 years. The panels’ light weight (2kg and 3.5kg respectively) also makes them easy to handle when fitting, while barely adding to the weight of the vehicle. For ease of use, the range is pre-fitted with MC4 type connectors.

The semi-flexible solar panel range is designed to complement Projecta’s popular range of DC chargers, solar controllers and lithium batteries, and help provide a complete off the grid solution on the road. The range is backed by a five-year warranty and is available from leading caravanning, camping and four-wheel-drive outlets nationwide for recommended retail prices of $770 (SPF100-MC4) and $1,144 (SPF180-MC4).

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