Narva launches Road Alert’ Sign System

Specialist lighting company Narva has released the advanced Road Alert range of text message sign systems, designed to display text and symbolic information in a clear and versatile manner on road vehicles.

According to Narva, the range is ideal for public safety messages, roadworks and emergency services, the message boards display static or scrolling amber LED characters come in two sizes – a 20inch (508mm) board and a large 40inch (1016mm) board.

For special applications red LED text versions are also available in 20 inch and 40inch.

Using a solid state LED design, Narva’s Road Alert signs are protected against road shock and vibrations along with a tested operating temperature range from -30° to 65°C, ensuring low maintenance and a long lifespan in all conditions. Sealed against the ingress of dust and moisture, the company says they are ideal for interior or exterior mounting and are protected by Narva’s 5-year LED warranty for peace of mind.

With a PC-compatible software interface, up to 80 programmable messages of up to 48 characters can be stored inside the controller unit, allowing easy selection and message changes out on the road. A special light sensor allows automatic day/night switching to ensure an appropriate level of brightness is emitted from the message board at all times, maintaining strong visibility during the day and avoiding glare at night.

The systems come with versatile mounting brackets for easy installation and are available to order from transport outlets nationwide.

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