Narva expands high performance globe range

Narva has added the Surefit L.E.D range to its popular Performance L.E.D Globe offering.

Backed by a two-year warranty, the budget-friendly ‘Surefit’ L.E.D Globe range suits a wide range of vehicles including hatches, sedans, SUVs and motorcycles. Narva says Surefit L.E.D Globes provide “a fit and forget DIY upgrade option” with great value over their lifespan, 30 per cent more light, and up to 25 times longer life than standard halogen globes.

Thanks to the globe’s compact, integrated IP65 cooling fan, ‘Surefit’ L.E.D Globes are a comparable size to a vehicle’s standard halogen globes and will easily retrofit into most standard headlamp housings. They’re available in four popular sizes, including an H7 projector variant designed specifically for projector headlamps.

Projector headlamps are becoming more common, especially in premium vehicles and work differently to a standard headlamp, using a much smaller reflector and a lens to direct a more controlled light onto the road.

According to Narva, most retrofit LED globes have produced a poor beam pattern with lots of stray wasted light. The ‘Surefit’ H7 ‘Projector’ L.E.D Globe has been manufactured with precision engineering, delivering a maximum output with minimal waste.

Narva says Performance L.E.D Globes provide the ultimate in optimum output, quality, and durability with 60 per cent more light than standard halogen globes. Free of moving parts, they offer the “ultimate in brightness and durability for enthusiasts and professional drivers”. It should be noted that Narva LED headlight globes are not ADR approved and therefore are recommended for off-road use only.

Whilst all LED globes experience a decrease in output as their heat increases, Narva Performance L.E.D Globes feature an external driver and adjustable heatsink. These features keep the globes cooler for longer, resulting in a much longer optimal output, ideal for long hauls.

The ultimate choice for off-road adventures, the heatsink eliminates the need for a cooling fan which makes these globes less susceptible to damage from shock and vibration.

With up to 80 per cent less current draw than standard halogen globes and over 30,000 hours of run time, Narva Performance LED Globes are backed by a three-year warranty and come in nine globe sizes. They come with everything required for a DIY conversion, including a bonus set of L.E.D park globes.

Narva’s extensive range of LED globes is now available in a range of sizes from leading automotive retailers.

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