KW automotive releases GR Yaris 3-way coilover

Due to the high demand for a suspension for the three-door all-wheel drive Toyota GR Yaris that is suitable for everyday life and racetrack use, suspension manufacturer KW automotive has developed the Clubsport 3-way.

KW said Clubsport coilovers have a tighter setup to perform at their best on racetracks but with the adjustable multi-valve damper technology, it is easy to adapt the suspension setup to the road.

Made of stainless steel, the Clubsport coilover applies new valve technology so that balancing reservoirs are not needed. Thanks to their new multi-valve design, the dampers are separately adjustable in high-speed compression, low-speed compression, and low-speed rebound. This enables track day enthusiasts the freedom to individually adjust the suspension to the tyres, wheels, and layout of the track. In addition, the KW Clubsport coilover has aluminium unibal top mounts to adjust the camber on the front axle. As part of the technical approvements, the compact all-wheel-drive car can be steplessly lowered from 25 to 45mm on both axles.

“The adjustable low-speed and high-speed compression valves are attached on the side of the struts and rear axle dampers of stainless steel,” the company said. “The low-speed excitations, caused for instance by steering and braking, can be adjusted directly on the KW Clubsport strut and rear-axle damper with 13 clicks using the purple adjusting ring. The high-speed compression forces can be adjusted separately with 14 clicks via the golden wheel. A high-speed excitation for the damper is typical when driving over bumps, curbs, or transverse joints.

“The rebound, which among other factors also influences the suspension’s de-compression, is adjusted on the KW Clubsport coilover directly on the piston rod with 16 clicks. Whereas the purple wheel on the rear axle damper is permanently integrated in the taking up of the piston rod, the wheel on the front axle is inserted into the piston rod for adjustment. Via the unibal top mounts of aluminium on the front axle struts, it is possible, if desired, to further adapt the camber and backlash for handling in bends.”

KW automotive develops and manufactures various dampers and complete suspensions for numerous car manufacturer customer sports programs. For instance, all Toyota GR Supra GT4 are homologated with KW Competition racing suspension. KW Clubsport suspensions also apply a damper and adjustment technology that come from motorsport. “With our KW Clubsport coilovers, we consistently rely on our experience in equipping various touring cars,” said Ehrmann. “Our revised valve technology is new to the KW Clubsport 3-way for the GR Yaris. With this one, our new damper design eliminates the external piggy pack.

“We recommend our KW Clubsport coilovers primarily to track day enthusiasts who regularly drive a streetcar that is similar to standard. Our Clubsport coilovers have a technical parts certificate and are optimised for track day use compared to our suspensions for ordinary streets.”

“Furthermore, our documentation of the suspension always includes setup instructions,” added Ehrmann. “The setup on the suspension can be changed at any time with just a few clicks,” KW Brand Manager Jonas Ehrmann.

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