KIA chooses Kumho low rolling resistance tyres for EV6

Kumho has been selected to supply innovative low noise tyres for Kia’s new EV6 electric car, with 235/55R 19 Kumho Crugen HP71 and Ecsta PS71 to be OE fitment on the new battery electric model.

With no noise from an internal combustion engine, electric car users are exposed to sounds from other elements in the car, particularly tyre noise, which is not usually detected in a conventional vehicle.

To combat this situation, Kia has specified Kumho’s latest technology, low noise and low rolling resistance tyres, which deliver a low resonance noise, thanks to the tyre maker’s K-Silent sound absorption technology.

The two Kumho tyre models chosen offer features required for tyres dedicated to electric vehicles, including a low rolling resistance, good anti-wear performance, and excellent traction.

The sound absorption materials are made of polyurethane foam, which is inside the tyres, to help reduce the resonance noise caused by the air vibration within the tyre, generated when it contacts the road.

To maximise resonance noise reduction, the K-Silent technology optimises the shape and properties of the sound absorption materials.

At the heart of this solution is a configuration that considers a range of elements including the design, area, and width of the sound absorption materials.

Kumho developed its K-Silent system in 2014 and has gained patents for the shape and properties of the sound absorption materials in Korea and around the world.

“We are now able to meet the needs for sustainable mobility by offering tyres with a low resonance noise that was developed with our proprietary K-Silent system for the EV6, the first BEV released by Kia,” said Kim Insoo, Senior Vice President of OE Sales at Kumho Tire.

“In line with the vision embodied in our slogan ‘Your Smart Mobility Partner,’ we will grow with our customers by developing advanced technologies and products in response to the fast transition to future-oriented vehicles.”

The EV6 is Kia’s first battery electric vehicle and is based on Hyundai Motor Group’s latest Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP).

Kumho has also been chosen as the OE tyre supplier for Hyundai’s new Staria people mover.

Kumho’s Portran KC53 in 17- and 18-inch sizes have been selected for the new Staria as a result of the tyre’s strong anti-wear performance and durability, as well as accommodating the specific needs of the Staria while also delivering excellent driving stability.

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