Goodyear & Dunlop Tyre ANZ adds Boulder MT to 4×4 range

Goodyear & Dunlop Tyre ANZ has released a new off-road tyre known as the Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT. Designed with three-ply Duraply Technology, the tyre features three layers of built-in sidewall reinforcement to tackle big rocks, and when the tyre is aired-down and maximum stress is exerted on the sidewall.

Other key benefits and features of the tyre include:

  • Grip: TractiveGroove Technology grips in mud, sand and on rocky terrain.
  • Aggressive shoulder design: big upper sidewall features for bold curb appeal and enhanced grip in mud and on rocks.
  • Kick rocks out of the way: large void tread design with built-in stone ejectors to help defend against stones being trapped in the tread.

“Serious off-road adventures require a tyre that’s tough enough to withstand rugged terrain, without sacrificing handling or performance,” said Senior Director Sales & Marketing, Goodyear & Dunlop Tyres ANZ, Jeremy Hill. “Our customers look for excitement. They want to go anywhere outdoors without boundaries. The bigger the obstacle, the bigger the fun for them. The new Goodyear Wrangler Boulder MT has been engineered in the USA to deliver on the needs of 4×4 enthusiasts and help create an exciting off-road experience.”

The Wrangler Boulder MT is available in 12 sizes, from 31 to 37 inches to suit a wide variety of popular off-road vehicles.

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