Federal’s new smart lithium deep cycle battery

Federal Batteries has responded to market demand for lithium technologies with the launch of its new Remco smart lithium deep cycle battery. The batteries feature an inbuilt smart battery management system (BMS) paired with a mobile phone app, so customers can monitor and manage battery condition and performance in real-time.

“More than two years of research and development has been invested in the lithium range to ensure that this new generation of Remco batteries perform to the standards expected by our customers,” said Product Manager, Anthony Trigona.

The addition of the new lithium range has increased Remco’s SKU offering to more than 50 items. This ensures customers have access to batteries fitting their specific applications, which may range from camping and caravanning, 4×4 touring and marine to industrial uses such as UPS systems, solar and mobility.

The Remco lithium range will be available to all customers from Autobarn and Opposite Lock stores nation-wide, whilst the entire Remco battery range is available to the trade via Bapcor’s trade networks such as Federal Batteries and JAS Oceania.

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