Dometic launches colourful icebox series

Dometic says its new Patrol series allows consumers to personalise and express their outdoor image via the colour of their icebox, with limited edition colours of Ocean, Olive and Mango added to the legacy Dometic Slate and Mist colours. In addition, the icebox comes with a set of removeable stickers to personalise the box.

Patrol’s body and lids are made from a single piece of rotomoulded polyethylene. The construction is designed for a long life of travelling through forests, up mountains and across seas. Dometic says that thanks to its high-performance design, they keep ice frozen for days and make fresh food and cold drinks available for outdoor adventurers in all terrain conditions and in any climate. 

Built with PU insulated walls and a full-length hinge pin, they also offer smart features like a leak proof drain, deep-freeze lid seal and one-hand rubber latch opening. There are also accessory docks for a rod holder, cup holder, and bottle opener, all sold separately.

Patrol iceboxes come with a 7-year limited warranty.

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