Dayco releases electric water pump range

Dayco has introduced a premium quality range of electric water pumps to Australian and New Zealand automotive repairer markets.

Electric water pumps have become an indispensable element in maintaining optimal functioning of a vehicle engine’s cooling system. Dayco said the water pumps greatly improve engine cooling control and they assist in generating more torque and horsepower, while also improving fuel economy.

“Conventional water pumps are driven by the engine belt or the timing belt, so the higher the revs, the more water circulates through the engine cooling system. To manage the circulation, a thermostat closes or opens the system depending on the temperature. Using a Dayco electric water pump, the coolant adjustment is electronically managed and activated in the event of a specific cooling requirement,” said Dayco.

“More and more engines in Australia are or will be equipped with electric water pumps, either as the engine’s main water pump or as an additional water pump. In hybrid vehicles, the electric water pump also cools the high-voltage inverter, which is of prime importance to the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle.”

According to Dayco, all its electric water pumps have been tested in accordance with OE requirements and are manufactured to ensure perfect installation. The company offers Australian and New Zealand automotive repairers and re-sellers a wide range of electric water pump applications, which is under continual development to meet global aftermarket replacement or fitment requirements.

The company also offers additional electric water pump variants for the cooling of stop-start systems, after-run and turbochargers along with inverters and battery packs found in modern EV and hybrid vehicles. In some newer EV models, up to four electric water pumps can be fitted.

Dayco electric water pumps ensure increased fuel economy, reduced emissions through improved engine efficiency and improved energy consumption control.

For more information visit or call Dayco Australia customer service on (03) 9796 4044.

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