Bridgestone develops Lambo run-flat all-terrain tyre

Bridgestone is the exclusive tyre partner for the new Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato, providing all-terrain and winter fitments for the world’s first all-terrain super sports car equipped with a V10 engine and all-wheel drive powertrain.

Specifically designed for the unique engineering requirements of the Huracán Sterrato, the new Dueler All-Terrain A/T002 tyre offers drivers maximum on-road and off-road performances. The tyre’s bespoke polymers, patterns, and tyre technologies were developed to enhance the all-terrain capabilities of the Huracán Sterrato and maximize the thrill and fun of driving on and off the asphalt behind the wheel of the supercar.

Bridgestone said Dueler All-Terrain A/T002 is the world’s first supercar all-terrain tyre to feature Run-Flat Technology (RFT), allowing the car to continue driving safely after a puncture for 80km at 80km’h with 0-bar pressure.

Developed and manufactured in Europe, Dueler All-Terrain A/T002 includes a new tyre compound designed to optimise grip, with a specific shoulder integrated for additional grip in deep gravel and mud. The tread pattern has also been optimised for the best possible handling and high-speed performance without compromise to off-road grip.

“With the Dueler All-Terrain A/T002, Bridgestone has created a bespoke tyre that perfectly complements the high-speed all-terrain concept of the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato,” said vice president consumer replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA, Steven De Bock. “We’ve created a tyre that is just as capable at high speeds on asphalt as it is when driving off-road, providing high-speed stability and off-road capability, rising to meet a completely different set of challenges on mud, gravel, and demanding terrains.”

Dueler All-Terrain A/T002 tyres are available in two dimensions: 235/40 ZR19 (96Y) XL RFT for the front wheels, and 285/40 ZR19 (107Y) XL RFT for the rear.

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