AGPC releases new grandstand details

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) has revealed the names of five new grandstands that will appear at this year’s Australian Grand Prix – Summerland (Turn 5), The Balconies (Turn 8), Clark (Turn 8.5), The Pinnacles (Turn 11) and Lauda (Turn 12).

According to the AGPC, the stands were built to cater for a surge in demand for tickets as Melbourne prepares to welcome Formula 1 back to the city.

“We’ve done our absolute best to cater to as many people as possible and are confident that these new locations will give fans exceptional vantage points to enjoy all the action, on and off the circuit,” the AGPC said.        

In addition to the new grandstands, the AGPC has extended some of the existing seating options, with a limited number of additional tickets available in the Prost, Piquet, Webber, Waite, Brabham and Stewart Grandstands.

Tickets will be on sale from 10am (AEDT) on Tuesday 8 February 2022. Pre-sale codes will not be required to purchase these tickets.

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