How to protect sparingly used engines

Fuel stabilisation is extremely important for people who own valuable and infrequently driven vintage, sports, racing or collectible cars along with motorcycles, boats and any petrol-powered equipment engines.

American formulated and manufactured STA-BIL is a world leader in fuel stabilisation products, having built a reputation for excellence in ensuring easy engine starting even when motors have been idle for long periods of time.

It is important to note that regular unleaded petrol (ULP) begins to break down in 60 days, while high octane unleaded (98+) can start to break down in 21 days. Fuel breakdown reduces octane levels, along with the formation of engine deteriorating gum and varnish.

Additionally, all ethanol fuel blends are hygroscopic, meaning that they attract and absorb moisture, resulting in reduced octane levels, contributing to fuel system corrosion and ‘white rust within a vehicle’s fuel system.

STA-BIL is a blend of additives that act together to prevent fuel from degrading and oxidising during prolonged storage. It acts as a protective wrapper around the fuel molecules so they cannot combine with oxygen or other contaminants to corrupt the fuel. STA-BIL treated fuel will perform as though it had been freshly pumped into the fuel tank straight from the refinery pipeline.

When added to fresh fuel, STA-BIL offers several major advantages:

• Keeps the fuel fresh for at least 12 months (or a double dose for 24 months of fuel protection) ensuring smooth engine starting

• Protects the fuel system against corrosion and white rust

• Protects fuel against moisture contamination

• Protects engines against gum and varnish build up

• Eliminates the need to drain fuel

• Eliminates environmental issues with the disposing of bad fuel

• Maintains optimum engine performance

• Easy to use ‘squeeze measure’ bottles

• Metric bottle measurements for Australian applications

Many petrol-powered engines sit idle for long periods of time, not only in cars but also in the marine sector, with boats tending to be used regularly only at certain times of the year. This also applies to seasonal agricultural, farming and general home and garden maintenance equipment. Fuel for these engines tends to be stored for long periods of time, lending itself to octane break down and moisture contamination, particularly when tanks are stored at half or quarter full capacity.

STA-BIL is offered in three handy fuel stabiliser product bottle sizes, 118 ml to treat 38 litres, 236 ml to treat 76 litres and a 473 ml bottle to treat 150 litres of fuel.

A specific STA-BIL Marine Formula is also available to protect boat engines in a 236 ml bottle that treats up to 300 litres of fuel.

Common misconceptions when it comes to fuel storage and preservation:

• Tank draining – never gets 100 per cent of fuel out of a tank or the fuel lines / pumps / injectors / carburettors.

• Leaving a quarter tank of fuel in a car or storage container – the more air, the faster the contamination.

• Draining and replacing fuel – not easy with cars and boats, near impossible to dispose of in an environmentally safe manner

• Running an engine every few weeks – does nothing for protecting the fuel in the tank.

STA-BIL also offers a small engine range of protective products, including a Fast-Fix small engine treatment and Small Engine Pro multi-system additive for cleaning out gum and varnish, along with the STA-BIL Ceramic Pro-Guard and Blade Guard product designed for mowers and trimmers.

The STA-BIL fuel stabilisation product range is readily available from leading Australian automotive parts and accessories stockists.

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